About Us

Mount Royal Ventures (MRV) invests in early stage companies with high growth potential that have been built around a proprietary technology and are in need of both funding and management expertise.

MRV primarily concentrates on opportunities with a materials science foundation.
Stone, bronze, iron, silicone…breakthroughs in materials have defined entire historical eras since they have profound effects on social, economical and environmental developments. Similarly, we believe advanced materials will play the lead role in solving some of the world’s most significant issues. Specifically MRV is interested in commercializing advanced materials technologies that solve acute issues related to:

MRV was founded to address the resource gap that entrepreneurs with commercially viable technologies often face.
This gap is the lack of financial and strategic support to commercialize a technology. Therefore, besides funding, we complement the founder’s expertise with our business background and network of contacts. If there is a need, we will also take on interim management roles until the company is able to attract additional talent. We limit the number of our portfolio companies to a select few in order to provide each one with the necessary attention.

MRV is a long term investor.
Often a company’s potential is compromised in order for it to fit into a venture firm’s fund lifecycle. We are free to operate without such constraints. In some cases an exit at an early inflection point is the best approach. However, our preference is to assist a company over a longer period of time and continue to fuel its growth.